Cedarwood Labrador Retrievers
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Cedarwood Labrador Retrievers Welcomes You!

CEDARWOOD LABRADORS began in 1978 with my love for obedience competition and fieldwork.

I had two labrador retrievers that were acquired as companions and each earned obedience and working titles. I realized though, that they lacked in structure and coat and decided not to breed these two girls.

With a strong desire to improve the breed, the search for excellent foundation dogs for a breeding program was begun. I wanted to breed Labradors that excel in structure, coat, temperament and that are physically sound.

The foundation for CEDARWOOD LABRADORS began as a selective combination of dogs linebred on AM/CAN CH Monarch's Black Arrogance CD, WC and CH Lockerbie Brian Boru, WC [AM/CAN CH Cedarwood's Master Gunner].

Master Gunner

Each dog who became a part of the breeding program had to certify as OFA good or excellent hips; OFA certified elbows; OFA (formerly CERF) eye examinations, Optigen A-1 [non-carriers of PRA eye disease] through Cornell University, and clear of EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) through the University of Minnesota.

CEDARWOOD LABRADORS' dogs are serving as service dogs for the handicapped, companion hunting dogs, border patrol dogs, and foundation dogs for breeding programs worldwide, and most important of all, loving pets. When the Labrador Quarterly Magazine asked me to write a column for them beginning in 1990, I was honored. Through "Northwest Notes" I hope to assist newcomers to the breed.

CEDARWOOD LABRADORS is located in Bellingham, Washington.

AKC Judge of Labrador Retrievers

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